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This is the first clinic specialized in Hand Sugery and Hand Therapy in Japan

 The clinic was established in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 2012. We have treated over 15,000 patients with trauma or chronic problems on the hands and upper-extemities, and performed surgeries on more than 5,000 patients (07/2012~12/2022).

 Makoto Tamai, MD, PhD 

Dr. Makoto Tamai was born in Nara prefecture in 1965 when his father, Susumu Tamai performed the world-first successful thumb replantation.
He graduated from the Kurume university school of medicine, and studied immunology in the post-graduate course and was given a degree of PhD. His familial history and his interest in the microscopic surgery influenced him to be a hand suegeon.
After he spent 1 year observing surgeries in the Indiana Hand Center since 1999, he served as hand fellow in the Kleinert, Kutz and Associates Hand Care Center in Louisville for 2 years. 
He has been working as a hand surgeon in many hospitals in Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Nara, Osaka, Hokkaido and finally opened his private clinic in Sapporo in 2012.
He had performed about 8,000 hand surgeries in his career after coming back to Japan in 2003.

 Contact Information 

Address : 1-27-4F Sapporo Medicare-center bldg., Odori Nishi 17-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 060-0042

Telephone : 011-621-4263

 Make an Appointment ? 

If able to speak Japanese, please make an appointment by phoning 011-621-4263.
For patient who cannot speak Japanese language, we are willing to book an appointment via an e-mail (English only).
Please send the following information to w18street@handclinic.jp with the subject line “Request Appointment”.  

Required Information for Consultation 
1) Name    
2) Birthday    
3) Gender    
4) Nationality    
5) Address in Japan    
6) Telephone #    
7) Insurance     
8) Symptom    
9) Date of Onset    
10) Cause    
11) Past Treatment    
12) Referral Letter ( if available )
13) Preferred Visiting Date    
14) Preferred Time Range (13:30~14:00, 14:00~14:30, 14:30~15:00, 15:30~16:00, 16:00~16:30, 16:30~17:00)  



The clinic is in the Sapporo Medicare Center building.
It is identified as a building with 4 floors located on the south side of South Odori, just west to the Nissan Sapporo.
By Train: Exit 6 of "Nishi 18-chome" station of Sapporo Tozai (East-West) line has a direct connection to our building.
By Bus: 3 minutes' walk from "Odori Nishi 18-chome" bus stop.
By Car: please find public parking around the building. You may use a parking on the south side of our building or a parking of Nissan Co.